Algorithm Conference

July 16 - 18, 2020

Austin, Texas

Algorithm Conference 2020 will bring you 3 days of high-level presentations and workshops from academics, business and tech professionals working in the fields of big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technologies.


General information

Algorithms have found their way into practically every aspect of our lives. Wheree’er you look, howe’er you range, algorithms are hard to miss. Increasingly being deployed to guide you along.


Algorithm Conference 2020 will bring you 3 days of high-level workshops and presentations that show how algorithms have been shaping and will continue to shape every aspect of our lives. Special consideration will be given to sessions that highlight innovative technical and commercial developments in big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies, their ethical and privacy implications, and how they impact and are impacted by public policies.

Researchers from the academia, developers and technical managers from startups and established companies will be on hand to share insights on the current state of development in big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies, and their future trajectories. Those overseeing the rollout of these technologies on the management side and people involved in influencing and advising policy makers will also be on hand to share their insights.


Algorithm Conference 2020 will take place at the Thompson Conference Center and the LBJ Presidential Library on the University of Texas at Austin campus.​

Workshops: July 16, 2020  </> Conference: July 17 – 18, 2020


Topics for workshops and presentations will be drawn from the following broad areas.

Big data

Sessions on how organizations store, search, rank and extract actionable info from data in all its forms - big, smart, streaming, structured/unstructured, and on all platforms - Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL, IoT.

Artificial intelligence

Sessions all its sub-discipline - machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, facial recognition, computer vision, NLP, robotics, autonomous driving, and neuroevolution. Also on AI and privacy; automation and universal basic income.


Sessions on real uses of blockchain technology in healthcare, travel, finance, global payment systems, etc. On digital currency and on popular driving themes behind blockchain technology - cryptocurrencies and stablecoins.


Not only will you get to listen to expert speakers, but you’ll also have opportunities for hands-on learning from some of the best trainers in the world. The first confirmed workshop will be conducted by Particle, the developer of the leading IoT platform in the world.

Visit the following link(s) for workshop info.

1. Particle IoT workshop: Exploring machine learning on the Edge

2. Twitter data/ML workshop: How to curate quality datasets for machine learning

Recommended activities for developers

Day 1: Workshop 1

How to curate quality datasets for machine learning

Thursday, July 16, 2020 (8 a.m. - 10 a.m.)

Day 1: Workshop 2

Exploring machine learning on the edge

Thursday, July 16, 2020 (1:30 p.m. - 5 p.m.)

Day 2 to Day 3

General conference sessions

Friday, July 17 - Saturday, July 18, 2020

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  • Listen to expert speakers and panelists
  • In-person networking with your peers
  • Showcase your services before a dedicated audience
  • Generate leads
  • Meet some of the best minds in big data, AI and blockchain under one roof
  • Dedicated networking opportunities with top tech experts during an exclusive VIP dinner


Registration for this workshop and for the conference itself is now open. You may register for one or both. The workshop has a limited number of tickets, so hurry and register if you want to guarantee yourself a seat. To reserve your ticket(s), click on that big red button.


Joel Lehman

Joel Lehman, PhD

Sr. Research Scientist, Uber AI

Co-inventor of the novelty search evolutionary algorithm. I head AI safety research at Uber AI. In my presentation, I'll highlight current research and future challenges in AI safety, including the challenge of making machines with ethical sensibilities.

Brandon Satrom

Brandon Satrom

Sr. Manager, Developer Relations, Particle

Author of four books, including the O’Reilly series book – Building Polyfills: Web Platform APIs for the Present and Future. Performing inferencing on edge devices will be huge in 2020. That will form part of my presentation and workshop.

Rishabh Misra

Rishabh Misra

Machine Learning Engineer, Twitter

Ranked 23 as a dataset contributor on the Kaggle platform. My dataset on Sarcasm Detection was used in’s NLP in TensorFlow course on Coursera. I'll be teaching How to create quality datasets for machine learning during this conference.

Riccardo Biasini

Riccardo Biasini


Ex-Tesla. I contributed to the development of the openpilot project. I'll be making the case for autonomous or AI-augmented mass transit systems instead of robotaxis or personal self-driving cars during my talk.

Jigyasa Grover

Jigyasa Grover

Machine Learning Engineer, Twitter

2017 Red Hat Women in OS Academic Award Winner. Work experience at the San Diego Supercomputer Center; National Research Council, Canada; and Institute of Research & Development, France. My talk will focus on an informal taxonomy of ML algorithms.

Massimo Ruffolo

Massimo Ruffolo

Founder, CEO/CTO, Altilia

Artificial/augmented intelligence researcher at the National Research Council and adjunct professor at University of Calabria, Italy. My presentation and workshop will show that companies can go all in on AI without the aid of expensive AI/ML engineers.

Steve Ardire

Steve Ardire

AI Start-up Advisor

AI start-up advisor and co-founder of a few who shapes serendipity to connect and illuminate the dots that matter. Steve leverages deep relationship capital with strong AI personal brand to drive business strategy and close the right deals, including start-up funding.

Massimo Ruffolo

Founder, CEO/CTO, Altilia

Artificial/augmented intelligence researcher at the National Research Council and adjunct professor at University of Calabria, Italy. My presentation and workshop will show that companies can go all in on AI without the aid of expensive AI/ML engineers.

2019 speakers

Arthur Holland Michel

Arthur Holland Michel

Co-Director, The CSD, Bard College

saurabh shah

Saurabh Shah

Partner, IBM Cognitive & Analytics

karl weinmeister

Karl Weinmeister

Cloud AI Advocacy Manager, Google

jon bratseth

Jon Bratseth

Distinguished Architect, Verizon

anais dotis georgiou

Anais Dotis-Georgiou

Developer Advocate, InfluxData

riccardo biasini

Riccardo Biasini

Chief System Architect,

anna sidorova

Anna, Sidorova, PhD

Associate Professor, University of North Texas

corey clark

Corey Clark, PhD

CTO, Balanced Media | Technology

steve ardire

Steve Ardire

AI Start-up Advisor 'Force Multiplier'

veena somareddy

Veena Somareddy

Co-Founder & CTO, NeuroRehabVR

tiffany ricks

Tiffany Ricks

Founder & Chief Hacker, Hacware

edward peters

Edward Peters, PhD

Founder, Data Discovery Sciences

ron dagdag

Ron Dagdag

Sr Software Engineer, Crestron Electronics

ramin keene

Ramin Keene


kc tung

K. C. Tung, PhD

AI Architect, Microsoft

gabriel bianconi

Gabriel Bianconi

Founder, Scalar Research

bob dutcher

Bob Dutcher

VP, Product Marketing, Oracle

ashlesha nesarikar

Ashlesha Nesarikar

Founder & President, Plano Intelligence, Inc.

chintan shah

Chintan Shah

Vice President, HYLA Mobile

babar bhatti

Babar Bhatti

Co-Founder, Dallas AI

rob atkins

Robert M. Atkins

CEO, Balanced Media | Technology

troy mann

Troy Mann

Data Engineer, Toyota Fin. Services Securities USA Corp.

fatih nar

Fatih Nar

Customer Engineer, Google

daniel vollmer

Daniel Vollmer

Computational Linguist, Lymba

randall hunt

Randall Hunt

Software Engineer & Tech Evangelist, AWS

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Algorithm Conference 2020 will take place at the Thompson Conference Center and the LBJ Presidential Library, both located on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin, a Public Ivy university.

All workshops will be at the Thompson Conference Center, located at 2405 Robert Dedman Dr., Austin, Texas 78712. All plenary conference sessions will be in the LBJ Auditorium of the LBJ Presidential Library, located at 2313 Red River St, Austin, Texas. The auditorium has a seating capacity of just under 1,000.

LBJ Auditorium
LBJ Presidential Library
University of Texas at Austin
LBJ Auditorium
LBJ Presidential Library
University of Texas at Austin

Hotels & places to see

Some of the best hotels in the world have a presence near the University of Texas at Austin. For starters, the AT&T Hotel and Conference Center is on the campus grounds. You’ll find a list of other nearby hotels.


Smack at the southern end of central Austin, the University of Texas at Austin is home to seven museums and seventeen libraries, including the LBJ Presidential Library and Museum, where you can learn all about Lyndon Baines Johnson, the 36th president of the United States. There is also the Blanton Museum of Art, one of the largest university art museums in the US.

Away from the campus, downtown Austin and the Texas State Capitol (Austin is the capital of Texas) are just minutes away. And being close to downtown Austin means you’ll have your pick of things to do, like the Congress Bat Bridge Kayak Tour​ and the Upstairs Circus. Want to drive around a professional-grade track in some of the best vehicles Audi has, you’ll want to visit the Audi Driving Experience at the Circuit of the Americas.


So whether you chose to arrive early in the week of the conference, or stay for a few days afterwards, your stay in Austin can be as fun as you want it to be.

Be part of the Algorithm Conference experience!

Austin is the state capital of Texas and also the tech capital of the state. It’s the home for major tech conferences in Texas.


Austin in the summer is warm and buzzing with activity. No better city to spend your summer in the southern US. And no better conference to attend next summer than Algorithm Conference.

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